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A Bequest to Further Good Work

A Bequest to Further Good Work

Nancy and David were dedicated volunteers with a ministry they supported. Over the years, they had seen many individuals impacted by its good work. They wanted their legacy to include a provision of support to continue its mission.

Dave: The ministry's work was important to us, and we provided support with current gifts, but we wanted to do more. We received the organization's newsletter and noted we could make a gift from our estate.

Nancy: We met with our lawyer to update our wills, and we each included a provision for a bequest. Our lawyer put language in the will that allows a percentage of our estate to go to this ministry. This was easy to arrange and permits us to still use our assets during our lifetimes if we need them.

We told the ministry's gift planner about our decision, and he explained how critical legacy gifts like this have been in funding the long-term goals of the mission. Of course, we want to continue to make donations during our lives, but it feels good to know our support will make a difference in the future as well.

Please note: The story, names and image above represent an example of the benefits of this type of estate-planning tool. They do not represent actual donors to GFA.

The language below shows how a bequest to GFA can very easily be included in your will. You might find it helpful to print this page and the bequest language. Feel free to give this page to your attorney. If he or she has any questions, please have him or her call us at (800) 946-2742 or email us at legacypartners@gfa.org.

Click Here to review sample bequest language.

If you have made a bequest to the ministry of GFA in your will, please let us know. We would like to thank you, and include you as one of our Legacy Partners.