Planned Giving
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A Letter from K.P. Yohannan


     Thank you for visiting Gospel for Asia's Planned Giving Web Pages. It is my personal prayer and passion that these pages will help you make biblically sound financial decisions as you plan for the future.

     I am told that 70 percent of Americans do not have a current will. Perhaps distaste for legal documents, lack of vision, fear of making a wrong decision, or just plain busyness cause people to neglect this important stewardship responsibility.

     Without a will or trust set up in advance, what you worked hard to provide, as well as the guardianship of any minor children, will be determined by a court instead of by you. But with proper planning, your stewardship of the things God has entrusted to you can extend beyond your lifetime.

     These web pages provide some easy-to-understand estate planning information to help you protect your family and be a wise steward of what God has entrusted to you. Depending on the arrangements you choose, it may also:

  • Reduce your income taxes
  • Avert capital gain tax
  • Increase your current income
  • Provide payments for life, and
  • Achieve no-cost, worry-free asset management

     We have provided these interactive web pages in conjunction with Crescendo Interactive Total Planned Giving Solutions to assist you in this important endeavor. The menu bar on the left leads to a wealth of information to help you design an estate plan that reflects your values and goals.

     I encourage you to discover through these pages how you can become a wise steward. What a joy it will be knowing that you have prepared well to leave a legacy for your family and make an eternal impact for Christ! 

     Yours for the people of Asia,

     K.P. Yohannan
     President and Founder